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Pork barbeque

Whether you want some of our high quality beef sticks, need the first deer of hunting season processed, or want to turn your livestock into premium, hand-cut and hand-wrapped meats, then your only option is the experienced, professional staff at Cook's meat Locker LLC.

Enjoy the finest cuts of beef and pork:

•  Beef Jerky and Beef Sticks

•  Beef and pork tenderloins

•  Ribeye, T-bone, and sirloin steaks

•  Brats (links and patties)

•  Hamburger (patties)

•  Beef shank and stew meat

•  Pork chops and ground pork

•  Smoked meats

Our third generation meat cutters will bring you the best in beef and pork, from handcrafted meatballs to magnificent porterhouse steaks. Our meticulous attention to detail will let you customize your cuts so that you get exactly what you want from your processed meats with no games or gimmicks.

The simple way to enjoy the finest beef and pork

Take advantage of our massive selection of savory beef and pork cuts or check out our wide range of retail meat options. Got something special in mind? We're happy to create custom cuts so you get exactly what you're looking for.

Have all your beef and pork processing needs met - we're a cut above the rest!

The precise cuts you want, every time and every animal

Don't settle for standard processing practices when it comes to your beef and pork cuts - get professional, customized cuts of beef and pork made to your exact specifications and take the headache out of your next trip to the processor. You can rest assured that you'll get quality cuts, every time.


You're sure to get top-tier service from our experienced team of processors, wrappers, and butchers - every one of our cuts will be made to your liking: fresh meats cut specifically to your requests and needs. Not sure what type of beef or pork cuts you'd like? No problem! We can help you make the best choices and get the best value available.

Beef jerky